My start in real estate came soon after my wife and I purchased our first bungalow in Crestwood. The realtor that we used and another realtor in my neighborhood after meeting with me said that I would be good at real estate. Did I ever consider that? I truly never did. My career at the time was in the restaurant and service industry. From that long experience, I always had a passion to serve & exceed the needs of my customers. I treat my clients with good communication, honesty, integrity and a drive to exceed my clients expectations.

I started my career in real estate in 1997 with Johnson, Rast & Hayes which merged with Brigham Williams to become RealtySouth. My wife and I built a home in 2008 and I learned first hand more about the entire building process.

My wife and I after 4 long years of waiting, were finally able to adopt our two beautiful daughters Denia & Selena 2012. It was a long journey, but it has been extremely fulfilling. We are both so blessed by these two girls.My company may be small, but that is not what matters the most. Our motto is a SMALL company with a BIG emphasis on you! Let me look out for your best interests with my 18 years of real estate experience.



Norman Sanchez