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Summit Realty Company has been serving clients' real estate needs for over 30 years in the Birmingham metro area.  We are a small user-friendly company that is heavy on your personal needs and will give exceptional service.  We specialize in residential property and land development in and around the Irondale area.  Summit Realty Company can help you with your commercial and investment properties.

Our listings include tracts of land suitable for residential, industrial, or commercial use.  We broker large and small apartment buildings, strip centers, self storage and office buildings.  In addition, we negotiate leases for office, commercial, and industrial users. We can handle all of your farms, lands and resort needs in the state of Alabama.         

We offer the following services:

  • a) single agency (buyer and seller),
  • b) dual agency, and
  • c) transaction brokerage.

  Above all else, at Summit Realty, we believe in the Golden Rule: " Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."

*Summit Realty Company and its agents are licensed to sell real estate in the State of Alabama. 

Melvin Slotnick
Broker / Owner
2000 Crestwood Boulevard
Suite 305
Birmingham, Alabama 35210
Office: (205) 951-2355
Fax: (205) 951-2366
E-mail: summit@narrowgate.net
Scott Deaton
Associate Broker